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Toxic Wednesday and Blood Rain Thursday, 2019 Etchings on archival artistico fabriano paper

Weather the Weather

New York Hall of Science (Queens ) Curation by Marnie Benney

1st Sep 2019 - 10th March 2020

a group exhibition exploring the experience, study, and understanding of the weather.


The artwork that results from Gilmour’s observation of landscapes not only clearly depicts reality, but also her personal feelings toward it, says Marnie Benney, a curator for the recent Queens exhibit organized by SciArt Initiative, a nonprofit based in New York that directly supports the creative endeavors of artists and scientists worldwide. 

“Her work “Toxic Wednesday, Blood Rain Thursday” is not a happy story,” says Benney, “and those choices — the coloring, choosing etching, and the destruction of the paper — really help push the uncomfortable, destructive narrative behind that instance … The colors are orange and red which is weird, it’s not what normal landscapes look like.” 

-Taylor White interview for Science Line Magazine Sept 2020

‘Toxic Wednesday’ and ‘Blood Rain Thursday’

The work is a reaction to actual events both natural and man made that creates unusual weather systems and the subsequent consequences they have on the landscape.

Events in the United Kingdom on February 28th & 29th 2019:

When dust clouds from the Saharan desert brought by high winds collided with an Atlantic weather system and man made air pollution they create the perfect storm. The result a toxic smog with an orange to red hue hovers over the United Kingdom. The next day after colliding with the Atlantic storm the dust and smog are released as blood red rain. February 28th & 29th 2019 are days now known as ‘Toxic Wednesday’ and ‘Blood Rain Thursday’.

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