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Land of Some Other Order

Installation  View

At 80° North, cracks are forming, 2020, oil on canvas, 78x98cm

13th March - 21July 2020

Backwater Artists 30th anniversary at the Lavit Gallery Cork

The exhibition focuses on the way the artists respond to changing definitions of landscape, climate, borders, and our human intervention in the world. The exhibition considers the various ways artists are concerned and engaging with some of the most pressing issues of our times, and suggests artists have always forged a deeper relationship with the shifting sense of the land around us.

With a diverse selection of artworks, Land of Some other Order presents work ranging from contemporary pastoral landscapes, landscapes which are always in a state of flux, landscapes seeking to redefine our interpretation of what is truly ‘natural’ or native planting, and images which deal with the complexity of image making itself, leading to an exhibition which re-evaluates our relationship with nature and our attempts to redefine our sense of what it is.

The exhibition, curated by Paul McAree, features artwork by Ailbhe Ní Bhriain, Angela Gilmour, Angie Shanahan, Ben Reilly, Bernadette Tuite, Carol-Anne Connolly, Darn Thorn, Deirdre O’Brien, Elaine Coakley, Fiona Kelly, Helen O’Shea, Luke Hickey and Sarah Long.

Paul McAree is Curator at Lismore Castle Arts in Co Waterford

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