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After spending over a decade within research institutions, Gilmour has more recently worked as artist in residence collaborating with researchers in Biotech, Nanotech, Food & Farming; Earth & Environmental Sciences and Palaeontology. By combining both disciplines, she has compiled a rich database of facts examining our understanding of nature.

​Recent work resulted from field research in the High Arctic, supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, as part of an art and science expedition in 2019.


Her practice is primarily concerned with creating a catalyst for discussion on our untenable existence and a sustainable future. Through her work she questions our ability to balance progress with the preservation of the environment. 

Gilmour's practice calls attention to urgent contemporary subject matter concerned with climate change, land possession, sustainable consumption and the political and environmental impact of land and sea borders.


Primarily a painter, Gilmour's work also includes drawing, print and installation. She explores landscapes that have suffered trauma in recent or deep geological time..

Through a blend of site-specific investigation and scientific research, Gilmour’s paintings and etchings document the sublime beauty created by the entropic forces of weathering on a variety of landscapes. She also creates installations from scientific equipment relevant to the analysis of our surroundings and objects of geological importance. These installations are interwoven with scientific data in the form of her detailed drawings and screen printed diagrams.