Transgenic Life Forms

Book of printed drawings.


The work was selected for A Fresh Field of Life exhibition by MDI Biological Laboratory, part of the centenary celebration of Acadia National Park, Maine USA, 2016. It was also selected by Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin for their Book Art exhibition in 2016 and for Zine Hotspot exhibition at Waterstones Bookshop, Cork, 2017.

Transgenic life forms are organisms that have been genetically modified by the transfer of gene(s) from one species to another in such a way that a new life form is created. Today scientists are already creating transgenic plants, fish and animals.

The book artwork shown is inspired by the drawings of biologist Ernst Haeckel’s, who over a hundred years ago recorded in detail the structure of the life forms that he discovered. It was a time in history when expeditions were the only way to discover new life.


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