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Exhibition of work by Angela Gilmour and Johnny Bugler - Culture Night at Tyndall National Institute

Take a step back and ponder how art and science are linked by exploring an exhibition of artwork by Angela Gilmour and Johnny Bugler.

Discover the technology of the future as Tyndall National Institute opens its doors for an evening celebrating science and space. Meet our scientists who will present their cutting-edge research and learn about electronics and photonics (the science of light) through a series of interactive demonstrations – including how to make music travel along a laser and how to play an electronic instrument without any physical contact!

From the impressive glass atrium, you can observe our state-of-the-art fabrication laboratories; where silicon wafer and microchips are produced. Dress up as a fabrication researcher and learn about cleanroom technology.

As home to the European Space Agency Space Solutions Centre Ireland, we’re giving you the chance to travel out of this world as you step inside Blackrock Castles portable planetarium housed at Tyndall for the evening, to explore the solar system and roam our galaxy, the Milky Way.

We have 2 one hour sessions running from 5pm to 7pm – Register for your ticket here:

Monolith - Installation by Angela Gilmour and Johnny Bugler

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